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          Kotagala Plantations PLC is a duo-crop (tea & rubber) company under the Lankem Tea & Rubber Plantations banner. The tea-bearing sector of Kotagala Plantations utilises 2,451 hectares for harvesting the bulk of its tea from the Western high-grown Dambulla district and a lesser extent from the low grown Kalutara area.

Despite a slightly weaker national tea crop than the preceding year at 328.3 Million kilos, Kotagala performed better than budget in both low and high-growns with a 5,466,960 kilo haul performing at a very satisfactory 2,230 kg per hectare. An additional 1.5 Million kilos of tea was manufactured as smallholder bought leaf. The region did extremely well to harvest the highest ever crop of 5.1Mn. kilos of made tea, achieving the peak yield for the region at 2,268 kilos per hectare. Nine out of the ten estates recorded yields of over 2,000 kilos per hectare.

Deployment of innovative management strategies such as shear plucking has vastly improved the quality of the green leaf sent for manufacture.

Meanwhile, the demand for Fairtrade teas continues to rise patronising all three marks of Kelliewatte, Bogahawatte and Chrystler’s Farm. These marks have been accepted by Fairtrade USA as well.




  • ISO Certification/Ethical Tea Partnership

All nine plantations carry ETP certifications. Seven plantations excluding Mayfield and Bogahawatte have received ISO 22000: 2005 & ISO 9001:2008 certifications.

  • Social Welfare

The Company achieved recognition from the PHDT in significance of worker welfare activities carried out such as building of housing units and toilets, reproofing of dwellings, construction of new playgrounds, upgrading and building child development centres. Most importantly, infant mortality and maternal mortality rates on our plantations has dropped to zero - a tribute to the dedication and skills of our medical and welfare staff.

Three plantations have won PHDT awards in recognition of their social welfare programmes: 1. Mayfield Estate: Best Manager -1st runner-up 2. Stonycliff Estate: Best Health Care service - 2nd runner-up 3. Hedigalla Estate: Best Estate Worker Housing Co-operative Society: 2nd runner-up

  • Human Resources

Human capital investment is applied to all categories of management, staff and estate workers with the assistance of NIPM, TRI, RRISL and EFC with resource personnel from reputed agencies. The worker welfare activities highlighted in the report saw implementation with the assistance of the PHDT and contributions from CARE International and WUSC training programme. Financial assistance to staff and their children for higher education are regularly offered . Disabled persons on the estates receive assistance through the Sunera Foundation. Eye clinics and health clinics coincide with free distribution of eye glasses.