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Company Description

Company Description
Lankem Tea & Rubber Plantations (Pvt) Limited is a major producer of tea and rubber in Sri Lanka. Nearly 4% of the island's total rubber crop last year in addition to over 8 million export kilos of Pure Ceylon Tea came from the two plantations managed by the company.

The Agarapatana and Kotagala Plantations which cultivate an area of more than 11,000 hectares of prime plantation estates and gardens generated revenues of Rs. 3.6 billion for the fiscal year 2012.

We were enormously gratified to observe that in spite of budgetary crop losses in tea due largely to the global slump, performance levels of personnel, estates and factories have actually increased. As has our social, welfare and environmental performance Indices. In terms of product; key estates recorded higher tea yields yet again while our Crepe Rubber and Sole Crepe earned 18 top prices for outstanding quality. Our pluckers are discovering new skill sets. Free medical and healthcare for 14,000 plantation families has dropped maternity and infant mortality rates to zero.

By focusing on quality and full-cycle value for our customers we provide better life quality opportunities for over 50,000 associates.

Lankem Tea & Rubber Plantations is a fully-owned subsidiary of Lankem Plantation Holdings Limited. The parent company: Colombo Fort Land & Building Group of Companies is one of the most widely diversified private sector organisations in Sri Lanka with extensive stakes in plantations, manufacture and leisure.

Our "Special Tea" Counter

Do you want to create and market a specialty blend? Our choice teas offer a bouquet of distinctive flavours and notes from being plucked in a variety of elevations.

"Extending our reach"

Today's rubber industry is a very positive marketplace. New technologies are changing perception, making demand subject to constant evolution. Striking a more solution-based approach, we want to offer natural rubber as a technically-specified industrial raw material instead of a simple commodity. The recent acquisition of 10,000 hectares in Kampong Thom, Cambodia will mark our first off-shore manufacturing facility with greatly enhanced capabilities.